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Accurate B2B data

Gain access to the most accurate and up-to-date B2B contact and company data and ensure your system's data is always current and fresh. Leverage Lusha's automated data enrichment solutions to streamlines processes and enrich data behind-the-scenes.

Team Management

Easy control credit usage and credit allocation for any team member or group of users. Gain insights into most active users, your most frequented ICP, recommended companies and more with advanced usage analytics.

Scale your results

Automatically enrich your system's data with higher accuracy and faster speed. Ensure your sales team is always equipped with an overflowing pipeline of qualified prospects, along with their contact details (direct dials and emails).

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“Lusha’s user experience is second-to-none. I’ve used a few competitors in the past that were so cumbersome.”

Antoine Garcia

Ippon Technologies


Increase in sales in the last 4 months


“On one project alone… I generated 800% ROI. I’m extremely satisfied.”

Guido Mangani

Field Control Analytics


Increase in sales in the last 4 months


“Most of the meetings I get now, I get thanks to Lusha. It’s highly accurate, so I don’t need anything else.”

Catherine Gomis



Increase in sales in the last 4 months


“I honestly couldn’t imagine working without Lusha. Game changer.”

Eric Lindroos



Increase in sales in the last 4 months

Data privacy you can’t get elsewhere

Lusha is a GDPR- and CCPA- compliant and ISO 27701-certified sales intelligence solution. Work with the highest standards of privacy and security in the business.







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